Nandini – Accommodation and resort:

We were booked in unit nr 1 to the left of the resort. Upon entering the gate we could notice that the venue was well looked after with grass and everything neat and tidy. There was also a small kid’s play area and volley ball court. There are however other units available as well (5 in total)

Upon entering the unit we were pleasantly surprised, the unit was very neat and had some nice finishes to it. It was extremely comfortable to stay in with a nice veranda/stoep area whereyou can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while having a braai.

From the stoep there are stairs down to the another veranda with some stunning river views, and below the veranda is the riverbank for fishing.


Nandini – Fishing:

From a fishing perspective the river has got some nice deep water and is sufficiently wide enough for a very comfortable angling session. I would estimate the river at around 120m wide.

During our stay the fishing was rather good with lots of carp being caught with the majority averaging around the 2kg mark. However we did manage to pick up some larger fish. There is some obstruction in the river but this is standard when angling the Vaal, this unfortunately cost us some very impressive fish (estimated to be around the 10kg mark). But all in all the venue has some good fishing to offer and definitely the capability to catch your PB carp at any time.

We will be back to take our revenge on this stretch of water and come and land the BIG carp the got away during this outing.

Nandini – fishing Monkey Tips and tricks:

During our trip we noticed that the carp were very aggressive fighters and picked up your line with force and give a proper account of themselves while on the hook. So for this we would suggest to bump up your terminal tackle to at least a 12lb hook link (maybe even 20lb) also nothing less than a 10lb main line. This will give you the edge on countering the fish and prevent them from snagging you.

Under normal circumstances we would also suggest a large hook, although during our trip we found that the carp were very specific and hesitant on picking up large hooks. We fished a size 1 hook for this trip but would recommend maybe a size 2 under normal circumstances.

The fish were also very specific in the bait presentation they preferred, with the best presentation being a Fishing Monkey sweetcorn mielie (plain) on the hook with a long sweet white dough behind it. This was the presentation on both hooks. On the ball 3 combinations stood out:

  1. Koala and Monkey X
  2. Koala and Bessie Stroop
  3. Bessie Stroop and Monkey X

We also noticed that during the day from around 11:00 the tempo slowed down so don’t be afraid to leave your baits in for longer they will eventually pick up. In the morning and early evening into the evening the tempo picks up again.

Best distances were at around 15m for the smaller carp and around the middle to ¾ to the other bank for the larger carp.

Nandini – Overall:

Overall we really enjoyed our stay at this gem of a venue and will definitely be back. The venues has nice accommodation with very good fishing and overall a very nice place to visit. Your hosts are also very friendly and try to accommodate you in any way possible.

Our Fishing Monkey Rating for the venue is:


For any bookings or enquiries contact:

Ria Welthagen 082 455 4949 or email @, alternatively visit facebook: CLICK HERE